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"I am really grateful that I invested my time and money into the Salon Profit Project. I got exactly what I needed out of it. As a salon owner, there is no one there to help you grow and being a part of this group I have been able to get advice from other salon owners and Caylee which has been great! Caylee will give you formulas to use for your financials which has helped me tremendously. Even with having a bookkeeper Caylee was able to help me get back $1500 from the CRA and I have 8 years to go back.

If you are a salon owner and you are looking to make a change in your business, this is your opportunity. "

Michelle - Owner of Headwaze

"Caylee has completely changed the way I look at my finances. She has pulled me out of the red and into the black.

I would HIGHLY recommend working with Caylee, it is worth the investment! She has not only helped with my finances but also my coaching and training with my team.

It has been mind-blowing for me to reinvent my business and I do not for a second regret it.

I would absolutely 100% recommend her to anyone."

Steph - Owner of Mystique Hair Design